When you're behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, there are many issues that could arise. As you and your truck accumulate hard miles around Reading, Lancaster, or New Holland, PA, your truck's tires are an area that will need attention. In this guide, our team here at New Holland Isuzu will cover some of the common causes of truck tire damage so you'll know what to look out for!


The number one cause of tire damage is underinflation. This occurs when the tires have less air pressure than the manufacturer stipulates necessary for the tire to function properly.

When the tires are underinflated, it can prove detrimental on a number of fronts. First, it can cause them to wear down more quickly than usual, especially if you haul heavy items with your truck. A more dangerous issue could also arise: complete tire failure. This is when the tire pops, leaving you vulnerable on the roadways.

To check tire pressure levels, you can use a tire gauge. Of course, your truck may alert you if it has a tire pressure monitoring system!

Rough Terrain

If you're driving over rough terrain, particularly on a jobsite where there may be nails, screws, and other foreign bodies, it could potentially lead to tire damage. If you drive over one of these items, it could puncture a tire, which could cause a slow leak or a complete flat. Either way, you'll need a tire patch or possibly even a new set of tires.

Improper Alignment

As you drive, it can also throw off the alignment of your truck's axle, suspension, and steering. As it does, it can negatively affect the tires, causing uneven wear and tear. This will not only make it harder to drive, but it will also wear down the tires much more quickly.

Tire Repair and Replacement

The fortunate thing about tire issues is that they're relatively easy to remedy. For an alignment issue, we can work to restore the truck back to proper alignment. If done in time, this will prevent the need for new tires.

If you do find your truck in need of new tires, whether the tread has worn down completely or one has experienced a flat, we'll also be able to assist. Just schedule an appointment here at our service center and bring in your truck. Our trained technicians will get down to work, outfitting your truck with a new set of tires that fit your model and meet your commercial driving needs.

Learn More About Truck Tire Health Today!

Are you looking to get the most out of your commercial truck? Whether you're making local deliveries, have landscaping jobs around town, or have another professional pursuit, your tires will play a prominent role. Contact our team here at New Holland Isuzu to learn more about how you can work to maintain your tires' health and avoid common causes of truck tire damage.

We're proud to serve New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, Pennsylvania, area commercial truck drivers and hope to assist you soon!

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