As a commercial driver, you likely know the importance of vehicle service. Racking up hard miles day in and day out can put a lot of stress on a commercial truck. Accordingly, commercial vehicles will need service frequently, so they can continue to run properly for the long haul.

One service you'll run into every now and then is brake repair, critical in maintaining the integrity of your braking system and your safety behind the wheel. Fortunately, when you need this service around New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, PA, we'll be ready to help here at our New Holland Isuzu service center.

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The Braking System

Your braking system within your commercial truck plays a critically important role in its ability to run properly, contributing greatly to your safety behind the wheel as well as the ability to slow and stop.

Dependent upon the type of braking system your truck features, the process involved to bring your truck to a halt could vary slightly. In most cases, though, when you press your brake pedal, it transmits pressure to your wheels via brake lines. This pressure causes friction within the brake pads and rotors, slowing the wheels down, ultimately allowing you to stop.

So, your ability to brake properly relies on a number of different components.

When Will I Need Brake Repair?

Typically, with more traditional cars, brake repair is only needed every few years. Though, because your commercial truck is being used more frequently and under more constraining conditions, you will likely broach this interval sooner.

The two components that call for the most frequent attention within your braking system are your pads and rotors. Within your vehicle's maintenance schedule, you should be able to find an accurate mileage interval at which you can expect to need repair in these areas.

Additionally, there are some signs and symptoms indicative of deteriorating brake performance that indicate the need for service. You will want to look out for these, as well…

  • High pitched squealing noise
  • Grinding sound when applying the brakes
  • Truck seems to pull to the left or right while you are braking
  • Unusual vibrations while braking
  • The brake pedal feels different; it requires more or less pressure

Obtaining Brake Repair

When your truck needs brake repair, we'll be ready to help here at our service center. In bringing your truck in, we'll be able to pinpoint what component within your braking system needs repair. From there, our team of trained automotive technicians will get down to work on your service.

Normally, brake repair is a fairly simple service. Typically, you can expect your truck to be ready for the road again in just a few hours. So, you will be able to get back out on the job site in no time!

Schedule Commercial Truck Brake Repair Today!

Has the time come for your commercial truck to have its brakes repaired? We'll be ready to help here at New Holland Isuzu. Contact our team to set up an appointment. We'll have you back out on the job around New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, Pennsylvania, in no time!

In the meantime, reach out with any questions you may have!

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