As a commercial driver, you likely know the importance of providing your truck with routine maintenance so that it continues to run properly. While oil changes, battery service, and fluid replacements are important areas to check, your tires are also an area that requires semi-regular attention.

Want to learn more about Isuzu commercial truck tires, their importance, and how to keep yours running smoothly around New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, PA? Check out this piece from our team at New Holland Isuzu!

Importance of Tires

The tires are important for any vehicle, commercial or not. Your tires are responsible for not only allowing your vehicle to propel along the roadways, but are also responsible with ensuring your vehicle has the proper grip and traction as you transverse different terrain.

Your tires do play some other important roles on the road, too.

  • Absorbing shock from the road
  • Supporting vehicle load
  • Changing and maintaining travel direction

Additionally, your tires even play an important role in the fuel economy you are able to earn behind the wheel.

When Will You Need New Tires?

After a while, your tires will wear much like any other part of your vehicle, and will eventually need to be replaced. When this time will come is really different for every driver based on driving frequency, though, commercial drivers usually broach this service interval sooner due to more frequent driving.

While there is this variance, there are some things you can do to monitor your tires, so you know when you'll need new ones.

One way to monitor them includes using a penny to check your tread. To do so, you will want to stick a penny into your tire tread with Abraham Lincoln's head wedged into the tread. If part of Lincoln's head is covered, you have tread remaining and your tires are good to go. On the other hand, if the tread does not cover Lincoln's head, you should replace your tires.

Your tread is important to your safety on the roads, as without it you're at risk for slipping. Additionally, worn down tires can cause:

  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Poor traction
  • Vehicle wobbling

Replacing Your Commercial Truck Tires

When the time comes that you are experiencing some of these symptoms, we'll be ready to help you get the new tires you need. Just visit our service center and we'll help with everything from identifying new tires that will fit your ride to installation.

Not sure if you need new tires yet? Feel free to ask one of our team members for help. We'll be happy to take a look or provide you with guidance as you look to determine if it has come time for new tread.   

Schedule Isuzu Commercial Truck Tire Service and Repair

Think you need new Isuzu commercial truck tires? Schedule an appointment with our team at New Holland Isuzu. We'll get you outfitted with the perfect tires and have you back out on the New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, Pennsylvania, roadways in no time!

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