When you're making deliveries every day, you want to know you can count on your truck. Sometimes, though, warning lights can come on and it's important to know what they mean and which ones to look out for. In order to help you, our team at New Holland Isuzu has put together this guide to help you get a full look at the dashboard lights of Isuzu trucks.

To learn more about your truck and how you can be more in tune with its needs in the New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading areas, continue reading our guide today!

Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

Your oil is the life blood of your engine: It keeps all the parts running smoothly without grinding against each other. If you don't keep track of your engine's oil, though, the engine oil pressure warning light may come on. This light looks like an oil can with a drip coming out of it and indicates that you need to change your oil.

If you don't change the oil soon, you may start to notice signs of engine damage. Some of these signs include:

  • Higher engine temperature
  • Oily odor in the cabin
  • Banging sounds coming from the engine

Check Engine Malfunction Indicator Light

One of the most broadly used warning lights is the check engine malfunction indicator light, also known simply as the check engine light. This light looks like a cross section of an engine block and can indicate a number of different issues.

Since this light can indicate a wide number of different situations, it's important to take your vehicle to a trained technician who can properly diagnose it.

ABS Warning Light

If you hit the brakes abruptly, the anti-lock brakes may kick in. If there's an issue with your vehicle's anti-lock brake system, the ABS warning light may come on. This light simply looks like the letters ABS. In order to ensure your safety, you'll want to have this dealt with right away.

Check Transmission Warning Light

A malfunctioning transmission can cause a whole host of issues, so making sure you stay on top of your transmission's needs is important. The check transmission warning light lets you know when your transmission is experiencing issues. This light looks like a gear with an exclamation point in the middle of it.

Battery Discharge Warning Light

Your battery plays a key role in ensuring your truck can start and power all its auxiliary systems, like the air conditioning and cabin lights. If your vehicle's battery is draining faster than the alternator can recharge it or if the battery has died, a warning light that looks like a battery will display on your dashboard.

Service Your Isuzu Truck Today

If you rely on your truck to meet the needs of clients around the New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading areas, you'll want to pay attention to your vehicle's warning lights. If your truck is due for service, schedule an appointment with us at New Holland Isuzu today!

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