Each commercial driver has their own needs around New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, PA. While some may need a box truck to deliver furniture, others may need one to store equipment for local jobs. Whatever the case may be, an Isuzu box truck will stand tall in meeting your professional driving needs.

How does an Isuzu truck compare to a Chevy Cutaway Van, you may be asking? Well, our team here at New Holland Isuzu will get to the bottom of that in this Isuzu box trucks vs. Chevy Cutaway Van comparison.

Examining Power and Performance

As you will likely be looking to move heavy items or equipment with your box truck, it is of course important that your ride offers plenty of power. So, that is where we will start with these two truck options.

Looking at the Chevy Cutaway Van, you will find that it maxes out at 14,200 pounds of GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and 20,000 pounds of GCWR (Gross Combination Weight Rating) with its 6.6L V8 engine. This engine provides these numbers thanks to its 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque.

Conversely, the Isuzu box truck lineup offers a handful of models that will exceed these capacities. This is headlined by the Isuzu FVR, which comes with a Cummins B6.7L Diesel Engine that will pump out an eye-popping 660 lb-ft of torque. More impressive than this output is the 33,000 pounds of GVWR and GCWR offered, meaning the Isuzu can haul more.

Other Isuzu models that will provide you with greater hauling ability include:

  • Isuzu NPR-HD: 14,500 pounds GVWR & 20,500 pounds GCWR
  • Isuzu NQR: 17,950 pounds GVWR & 23,950 pounds GCWR
  • Isuzu NRR: 19,500 pounds GVWR & 25,500 pounds GCWR
  • Isuzu NPR-XD: 16,000 pounds GVWR & 22,000 pounds GCWR
  • Isuzu FTR: 25,950 pounds GVWR & 30,000 pounds GCWR
  • Isuzu FVR Derate: 25,950 pounds GVWR & 33,000 pounds GCWR

So, you have quite of bit of choice when it comes to selecting an Isuzu model that'll match your wants and needs.

Carrying More Cargo: The Isuzu Box Truck

Not only does the Isuzu lineup offer more power, but it also offers you the ability to house a larger box. One of these Isuzu models, with the right engine, can support a box that measures 30 feet in length. On the other hand, the largest box offered by the Chevy Cutaway Van is just over 15 feet long.

So, you will have almost double the cargo room with an Isuzu box truck, a critical advantage you could need.

Isuzu Box Trucks vs Chevy Cutaway Van: A Clear Choice

As evidenced above in this Isuzu box trucks vs. Chevy Cutaway Van review, going with Isuzu is the better choice for commercial drivers who are looking to max out hauling capabilities. Whether you are making deliveries or transporting equipment, an Isuzu will prove more than capable of handling your New Holland, Lancaster, and Reading, Pennsylvania, pursuits.

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